About Us

Who We Are

Little Coyotes Outfitters is owned and operated by Cody and Talia Whatcott. We are a husband and wife team and we have our own little girl, Cheyenne. We live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Hunting, fishing, and the outdoors are everything to us, and we are both slightly obsessed with raising meat animals and horses. We admire mountain men, old cowboys, and Western artists like Will James and Charles M. Russell. Ian Tyson is playing on constant rotation in our house and we decorate with antlers and hides from animals we've harvested.

How We Began

Talia Says: Little Coyotes has been in the back of my mind since we got married in 2014. I always had an obsession for western style, and I was constantly searching for clothing items that had a little western flair. When my friends started having babies, it was dang hard to find anything out there that had the western-outdoorsy-but-not-too-hipster feel that I was looking for. Time passed, and eventually we had our own little girl. I found a few cute pieces here and there, but nothing that really had the rough, vintage, outdoorsy-yet-western style that I wanted.

In 2017, I began designing t-shirts for a few clothing boutiques here and there, and I started honing in my graphic design skills. Finally, the time felt right and Cody pushed me out of my comfort zone. We decided that Little Coyotes needed to happen.

How We Got Our Name

We are both huge fans of the western cowboy singer, Ian Tyson. One of our favorite songs of his is "The Coyote and the Cowboy" which is a light-hearted comparison between the carefree, drifter lifestyle of both coyotes and cowboys. I'd always get the lines stuck in my head. If you aren't familiar with his music, check him out and listen to the song, and you'll hear what I'm talking about.  

Our Why

Our dream is to own a ranch of our own one day, with plenty of room for cows, horses, chickens, and kids to roam around. When you support our shop by making a purchase, you are helping us achieve our dream.